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Back from NSBCon 2015

December 10, 2015 Leave a comment

I just returned from Dallas having attended NSBCon 2015.  Overall, a very positive experience with several informative sessions.  It was a good opportunity for me to relax and rejuvenated since I haven’t been feeling very motivated lately.

One of the announcements was ServiceMatrix is being discontinued. I’ve never been a fan of using drag-drop tools for anything outside of user interface development, so the discontinuation will probably save me some stress in the future.

The next release of NServiceBus will utilize asynchronous message handlers, which is unfortunately a breaking change. The session continued with explanations on how to migrate existing codebases and pitfalls to watch out for.

The session on Akka.NET and the actor model peaked my interest. I’ve heard of Akka.NET, but I haven’t investigated any further. Having one of the developers talk about Akka.NET was a good chance to hear what it brings to table. Definitely something I’ll need to look into more.

I especially enjoyed listening to the panel discussions and hearing everyone’s opinion on topics that the audience brought up. It’s always a pleasure to listen to several well known developers in the industry talking about past, present, and future architectures/patterns being used in the wild. The topic around technological fads resonated with me. In my opinion, there are simply too many people that immediately become overzealous about new and shiny patterns or technologies without looking at past mistakes. History repeats itself and too many people ignore that.

There was another great session about things not to do with NServiceBus. While the examples were targeted to NServiceBus, the principle applies to a lot of other things. Too many times, certain software is shoved down everyone’s throat as the end-all solution for everything.

Everything considered, I enjoyed the four days I spent in Dallas. Most of the sessions were very informative and insightful, so I have plenty to think about.